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Two Weeks in Sri Lanka

December 28, 2014

It was a late Honeymoon for my wife and I.  We spent it driving all over Sri Lanka with my wife's family. We started in Colombo and ended in Kandy for the Perahera.  It was a beautiful trip full of walking, rafting, and all sorts of adventures.  Here are some of the images from the trip.  

I hope you enjoy them.

Colombo busy streets

A City under Construction

These Taxis were everywhere

Motorcycles were also popular

Sunrise on our first day

On her way to School

Our First stop on our trip was the Pettah in Colombo.  This was a huge open air market with lots of fresh vegetables and salted fish.  Here they hauled all the food from the surrounding communities in beautiful painted trucks.

The road to the Pettah

Merchants Selling Their Crops

The Fresh Vegetables

The Salted Fish

The Painted Trucks

After The Pettah, we spend much of our time driving and walking around Colombo.  The weather was in the 90's with very high humidity.  The air conditioning was much welcomed after our long walks outdoors.

Overgrown Side Streets

A Man Waiting Outside the Market

A Less Busy Street of Colombo

After Colombo we started our journey to the high country where much of the tea is grown.  On our way we went rafting on the same river where The Bridge on the River Kwai was Filmed.  Once we left the city we were able open the windows and turn off the AC.

Children in a Field

Abandoned busses on the side of the road

The Roads in the Higher Country.

A bridge on our way

River in Ceylon where The Bridge on the River Kwai was filmed

The Rain in Ceylon

After our rafting adventure in Ceylon, we traveled higher into the mountains to see the tea plantations.  On our way we traveled through Kandy.  We would return here on our last day to watch the Perahera

Train Tracks outside Kandy

Winding Roads Leading up

Ladies picking Tea

Baskets full of Tea

As we get higher in the mountains,  where the best tea is grown, we see many communities along the road.  Many of these also grow vegetables for the cities below.  Much of this produce is sold at street side stands, some of which were just poles and tarps.  What was not sold at these stands was trucked down to the cities to be sold in markets.

Vegetables Mixed with Tea Farms

A Cow in a Tea Field

Tea Leaves being Dried

Bags of Tea

After a long winding road we finally made it to the high country.  This was the first area where we did not need air conditioning.  The weather was beautiful up here.  The drastic change in climate made it hard to believe we were on the same Island.  There was a local Hindu temple that played music at sunrise and sunset.  

The High Country, Here some of the best tea is grown

Our hotel was an old tea factory

More mixed agriculture

The Hindu Temple

A Tray of Tea Leaves

Morning Mist over the Hills

After the high country we traveled to the Eastern coast.  Here we saw more of the variety that the island of Sri Lanka had to offer.  Once we dropped out of the hills we were in more of a dryer environment.  Still hot, but the humidity was not as bad.  There was a totally different kind of beauty on this end of the Island as we made our way toward Trincomalee.

Inside a roadside market

An elephant in a truck, a truck!

Monkeys on the side of the road

And on a stone wall

When we arrived in Trincomalee we loaded into the back of some pickups and went into an elephant preserve.  I was not expecting to see as many elephants as we did, or as close as they came.  These animals were spectacular!

Elephants !

Holding Trunks

Up Close and Personal

After our safari, we traveled to Sigiriya rock near the town of Dambulla.  Here we explored the ancient palace of King Kasyapa capital.

sigiriya rock

The Palace Gateway

Snake Charmer

On our way back to our hotel we stopped at a jeweler.  Sri Lanka is known for there sapphires.  Here we got to see how they were cut and made.  This was one of the most expensive pitstops we made the whole trip.

Cutting Sapphires

Forging Jewelry

Sapphires laying around

We finally made it to our hotel in Trincomalee  Here we lounged around and relaxed.

Sunrise over Sri Lanka

Lizard by the Pool

We are finally off to the Perahera.  We were amazed how many elephants we saw

Temple in Kandy

Inside the Temple

Out for a walk

Fire Dancers in the Rain

Shrine atop an Elephants back

The next day we drove back to Colombo to board our flight to head back home.  It was a remarkable trip with many memories I will have with me for the rest of my life.  We were luck to have a phenomenal tour guide and wonderful company to explore the great island of Sri Lanka together.

I hope you enjoyed the photos

Stephen Motroni

Motroni Photography

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